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Jones, a divorced father of three who leads the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, Calif., was said in 2011 to be engaged to Mc Coy, who is preparing for season three of the popular VH1 scripted drama/comedy series "Single Ladies."Mc Coy, previously married to Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick and mother to a daughter from a previous relationship, shot down the engagement rumors, telling her supporters on Twitter: "Come on come on y'all...
Gym Class Heroes aren't fully hip-hop, but they're also not punk rock, so it's hard to fit them into a category. When we first started going on tour, some kids got bummed out and said, "Cobra Starship is going to go the same way that Fall Out Boy went." They love the band because it's the same vibe and it's like a little secret.

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Assad's consultations with Putin yielded a mutual commitment to closer cooperation between the Russian government and its "most important partner" in the Middle East.As part of this public reengagement, the Kremlin gave Damascus a much-needed economic shot in the arm, agreeing to write off almost three-quarters of Syria's .4 billion Cold War-era debt.

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