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A new base will be constructed at the Iraqi military base, Taqaddum.

US officials hope that the facilitys location in eastern Anbar will provide troops with a unique ability to reach out to Sunni tribes in the area, potentially recruiting them in the Shiite-majority Iraqi Army.

American officials tried to make the point that the US presence in Iraq would not be a permanent or long-term one.

US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in a 21 April 2003 press conference said that any suggestion that the United States was planning a permanent military presence in Iraq was "inaccurate and unfortunate." Rumsfeld said "I have never, that I can recall, heard the subject of a permanent base in Iraq discussed in any meeting. The likelihood of it seems to me to be so low that it does not surprise me that it's never been discussed in my presence, to my knowledge. Well, we've got all kinds of options and opportunities in that part of the world to locate forces, it's not like we need a new place. I think any impression that is left, which that article left, that the United States plans some sort of a permanent presence in that country, I think is a signal to the people of that country that's inaccurate and unfortunate, because we don't plan to function as an occupier, we don't plan to prescribe to any new government how we ought to be arranged in their country." By mid-2003, Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) had established tactical field exchanges in Iraq.

Meanwhile, on the planet's surface, former Rebel fighter Norra Wexley has returned to her native world—war weary, ready to reunite with her estranged son, and eager to build a new life in some distant place.

At Taqqadum, US forces will advise the 8th Iraqi army division on "how best to deploy their troops" and improve logistics and intelligence.

General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, said June 11, 2015 that the United States was considering creating more train-and-advise hubs for Iraqi troops, even as it prepared to open a new base in Anbar province with 450 military personnel.

“We don’t want anything messing with the ecosystem back home, and we’re trying to prevent that from happening.” Many Soldiers may not understand the environmental concern that is involved with the inspection process.

“One of the main things that we look for is cleanliness, because any kind of organic matter — dirt, sand, grass, plants, anything like that — is an absolute no-go,” said Vice.