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With mobile devices becoming a staple of modern society and the preferred way of accessing digital content, today’s successful marketing professionals will need to understand how to connect successfully with mobile consumers.Proximity marketing helps companies and service agencies do just that.So perhaps a proximity networking app is on its to-do list as it reconfigures its business to think mobile first, unbundling that desktop sprawl via a “multi app strategy”.) Dating app Tinder got around the network effect problem by making itself into the digital equivalent of catnip.The proximity aspect of Tinder is subservient to the main component — dating, or more specifically a simple question of whether I fancy this face or not — to the app’s secondary theme — playing a game (of snap).Tinder shows that proximity can certainly be a key component in a networking app, provided the use case is compelling enough; by contrast Foursquare badges were more marketing gimmick than serious stickiness.So now Networkr is hoping to emulate Tinder’s success in the proximity dating game by applying a Tinder-ish interface to professional networking.

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It seems we have another new phonomenon in the online dating space. Called 'toothing' - this technology basically uses Bluetooth to hijack another phone that is within a certain radius of the bluetooth device.

A grid of photos showed women who, at that very moment, were within a certain radius of Scott and his GPS-enabled phone.

And at the top of that list: Amanda, who was at the same show.

(CNN) -- There are many reasons people fall for each other: Personality, looks, humor -- sax-playing ability.

But a new class of GPS-enabled smartphone apps is trying to bring dating back to the pure, data-driven basics. In this new era of app-driven love, location is most important.