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Dating rca vacuum tubes

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Phil's book is the most comprehensive work on the RCA Victor 45 rpm record players.

Caution, if you read this book, you may become addicted to the RCA Victor Victrola 45 hobby!

We specialize in repair and modification of vintage, hand wired tube amplifiers. Browse tube and amplifier FAQs, tube substitution guides, user reviews, amplifier tube layout diagrams and other useful tube/amplifier information.

My first RCA Victor 45 record player was an RCA 9JY, the first 45 RPM phonograph attachment, really a stand-alone record changer having no amplifier but with an RCA jack that would plug into the amplifier of a TV or Radio - a phonojack.

Recently I opened a box that I grabbed at a garage sale years ago that had around 25 older globe type 4 pin tubes. These 01A tubes were probably pulled form early radios at some point and set aside until a relative found them stashed away in an attic and them put them in a garage sale.

Excellent triode curves for the 813 from Frens Mazenier (3.9MB GIF file) Excellent triode curves for the 814 from Frens Mazenier (3.9MB GIF file) Triode curves for the 814 (XLS file) (PDF file) Triode curves for the PT15 (XLS file) (PDF file) Triode curves for the 829B - Thanks to Paul Le Clercq - Tube #1 (XLS) (PDF), tube #2 (XLS) (PDF) Triode curves for the 12GN7A - Thanks to John Atwood - GE, RCA, Sylvania Jeff Duntemann's pages on Compactron tubes and low-voltage tubes 1958 Amperex tubes catalog, with short data (743k B PDF file) 1959 Electron Tubes and Semiconductors short-form data (16MB PDF file) 1963 Electron Tubes short-form data (9MB PDF file) 1956 Hi-Fi and Audio Tubes short-form data (7MB PDF file) "Five-Star Tubes" (PDF, 2MB) - Describes GE's high-reliability tubes, their construction, testing, etc. "GE Essential Characteristics", the whole 228 page book in an indexed PDF file (BIG, 11MB!

) 6189 data sheet (PDF, 412k B) 7044 data sheet (PDF, 224k B) 8950 data sheet (PDF, 320k B) Glow Lamp Manual (1965) ( 1953 Data and Circuits of TV Receiver Valves (PDF, 16Mk B) - Includes tube data and applications of a number of Philips tubes in TV sets.

The box of 25 old tubes that I had paid for a few years ago is now worth per tube!

There are usually five types of buyers looking for vacuum tubes: The Radio Collector/Restorer looking to bring old radios back to life or setting it up to display, Tube Collectors (there are actually whole books on collecting vacuum tubes and their original box art), Musicians who still use and love the sound of a classic tube guitar amp, Audiophiles who listen to vinyl played through tube stereos, and of course flippers looking to buy low and sell high on auction sites. Radio restorers are always on the lookout for 01A tubes (-) used in most 1920s radios.