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Maybe even worth, I’ve had a friend ask me once if his i Phone got hacked as the message looked suspicious to him.
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He has been a Destructoid community member since 2006, joining the front page as a contributor in 2011.

While he enjoys shooters, RPGs, platformers, strateg...

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Three months later, Snake is pale and has a pentagram on his forehead and is ordered by the colonel to strike and he runs to metal music to the base and slices a soldier's arm with an axe then the Colonel calls and say's "Damn, now that's fucking METAL".Kupaman: In a parody of Dora the Explorer, Snake says that Metal Gear is about to launch nuclear warheads and asks the viewers "Can you say Metal Gear? Then, a laser sight points to him and he says "Sniper Wolf, no sniping!" Happy Harry87: Snake is trying to shoot Sniper Wolf with the PSG1, but he keeps missing. Snake uses it and goes into a trippy dream sequence, and 5 minutes later, he starts hallucinating from the pill.She said that men don’t tend to draw breasts like that. Hair has actually been really contentious and funny and also a major design issue, all while being a major conceptual necessity to all of us. I think it’s really important, and actually making it come across has been incredibly difficult.But we do have a few new ones that have hair, and we’re working on it.In order to discourage sharing this content, all titles on the list are removed from the game selector found on the broadcaster dashboard.